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Today’s lifestyle puts great demands on us all. To keep up and stay healthy, we really need to maximise the nutrition in the food we eat.

Saladmaster® is not only an investment in the finest cookware available, but an investment in your health and wellbeing…it ‘s an investment in your future.

“We Change Lives” by allowing people to improve their quality of life at a price they can afford. When it comes to your health, choose the very best

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Our Experience

Although SaladMaster® has been in the business for 68 years, in Bristol we are here for over 4 years and we are growing rapidly.

We helped families and individuals achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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Our Services

We have a lot to offer and we would like to speak to you about it.

Please feel free to contact us and we will gladly get back to you.

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What Our Clients Say


Ever since I joined MDCorePower, my life became easy and I have more time with my family.

Earning More!

I am now earning more and I manage my own time. I work at my own pace and I earn more than the time spent.